Aged Care

Sometimes you or someone you know needs to look at options for residential aged care. Whether it is a sudden need or gradual process, 
it is often a stressful time. Most people consider it a “medical” issue but it has a wide range of implications including financial.

When this time comes it’s important to realise that you are not alone and we can help you work through the financial uncertainty. You need to consider a range of factors related to aged care and how they impact on the individuals concerned.

We can help answer the following questions:

  • What is the difference between Home Care and Residential Aged Care?
  • How much will aged care cost? Is there strategies to minimise the associated fees?
  • What is the impact on Age Pension payments and Centrelink entitlements?
  • Should the family home be sold?
  • How will this impact on Estate Planning?
  • What can I afford and how will I pay for it?

Make a more informed decision

We can quickly and cost effectively help you make an informed decision. Our team can help you answer complex questions, undertake cashflow analysis based on the fee structure, living costs, tax implications and the financial treatment of the family home.

We will help you determine what is affordable.

Every dollar counts and every day matters. In the majority of cases, when considering the aged care options, speed is of the essence.

We will help you understand the financial impact of moving into residential aged care.

Important changes to Aged Care will come into effect on 1 July 2014. In a lot of cases this will increase the costs associated with Aged Care dramatically. If you or someone you know will shortly be looking at Aged Care then they may save thousands of dollars by reading this article