Apricity Finance provides a simple, short-term funding solution aimed at relieving growth pains experienced by many Australian businesses. Founded in 2013 by a team of highly experienced banking and finance professionals, 

Our highly experienced team works with our clients to ascertain whether the Apricity solution is right for their business. 

An intelligent solution, Apricity Finance provides funding at competitive rates, without the red tape or guarantees of bank loans

What is supply chain finance?

Apricity Finance works with suppliers to high credit debtors to provide payment on delivery of goods (debtors include major retailers and government agencies). This means no waiting for invoices to be paid, better cash flow management and increased production capacity.

Why Apricity Finance Group?

  •         No more waiting to get paid. Receive payment usually within 24 hours.
  •         No real estate or other tangible security is required (other conditions may apply).
  •         Apricity will not disrupt your relationship with your bank or customer.
  •         No lock in contract or annual reviews.
  •         No requirements to finance all of you invoices.
  •         Use the service as you need it.
  •         The facility can grow with your business.
  •         No ongoing financial information requirements.
  •         Know exactly what you will be paid.

Isn't this factoring

Apricity Finance advances businesses on average 20% more of the value of their invoices compared to ‘traditional’ debtor finance or factoring. This product known as supply chain finance has been developed by Apricity Finance Group to meet the specific needs of growth to any small business who supply goods or services to major retailers or government.

Why supply chain finance?

Most businesses have to offer extended credit terms, usually a minimum of 30 days, in order to secure orders from customers. Current statistics show that these invoices can take up to 60 days to be paid. This delay reduces essential cash flow and restricts the growth of your business. Supply chain financing can help you unlock your business potential by closing the gap between invoicing your customers and receiving payment. This provides you with ongoing access to the funds required to complete the next order, without having to wait 30 days or more for your customers to pay.

Is supply chain finance right for my business?

Businesses supplying goods or services to major retailers, government bodies or the like with high volume turnover and invoicing may benefit from supply chain finance, the best way to find out is to contact us on 1300 855 739 we will simply advise you based on the details you provide if this solution is right for you, no obligation.

Keeping business separate to family

Our supply chain finance facilities do not require real estate security so there is no need to use the family home to secure the borrowing facilities required to run your business effectively. Other conditions do apply however.

What will supply chain finance allow me to do?

* Easily fund and forecast growth with your full amount straight up

* Knowing exactly what you’re getting allows you to control your finances with greater certainty

* Pay creditors earlier resulting in you potentially buying goods at lower cost

* Improve administrative efficiency with our simple 1 step upload system

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