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Zipper Tickers is an organisation established by mothers of children with Congential Heart Disease. They are actively raising money to pay for much needed equipment to assist in the treatment of the largest cause of death of Australia’s children.

Charity Golf Day 31st October 2014

The Herald Article: Mums raise funds for Congential Heart Disease.

Shartru Wealth is proud to support the Heart Centre for Children at Westmead Hospital.

Zipper Tickers Gala Dinner

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Ethan Leo Coyte was born with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) that required him to undergo 2 heart operations including open heart by pass surgery at just 6 days old in order for him to survive.

To add further excitement Ethan also contracted an infection that required a further 4 surgical procedures meaning that in the first 7 weeks of his life Ethan had a total of 6 operations.

During Ethan’s 7 week hospital stay it came to our attention that there is a substantial shortfall in funding meaning that there is not enough money available for things like new equipment and research.

This situation is unpalatable and our kids need us all to help change this.

  • 1 in 100 children are born with heart disease
  • 6 babies are born with CHD in Australia every day
  • It is the single most common congenital abnormality in babies
  • It is the number one reason children are admitted to intensive care
  • Deaths outnumber all other childhood diseases

To read more about Ethan’s journey or to donate please click here.