In instructing us you can feel confident in dealing with a firm whose Principal practitioner has more than 35 years of experience. We are capable of handling all property transactions within the state of New South Wales.

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Why is Your Choice of Conveyancing Firm Important?

If you are considering buying or selling it is imperative that you should contact us as soon as you have made a decision to either buy or sell. Never sign anything before you have asked for our advice. It is always better to be safe than sorry once contracts have been exchanged and you are legally bound to proceed and if the appropriate clauses are not included or amended you could be severely disadvantaged.

It is imperative that Contracts are prepared properly for a property to be marketed for sale and in this regard the Contract has to take into account the peculiarities of the individual property and having regard to the detailed instructions need to be obtained from the vendor in preparation of the Contract.

Explanations are provided in plain English and not complicated legal terms so that you thoroughly understand what is happening.

In respect of a purchase it is important that written loan approval, (if necessary) is obtained and that the Contract has been properly negotiated to safe guard the interest of the purchaser and that the requisite enquiries have been undertaken. Most situations call for survey, building and pest reports to be obtained prior to exchange. We make sure that you undertake all of these activities in the correct order to protect your interests.

Traps – Strata Title

In cases of a purchase of a strata titled unit it is imperative that a proper search is done on the records of the Body Corporate. In a recent matter the purchaser was told by the real estate agent and the vendor that there was nothing outstanding but a proper search of the records revealed that the body corporate was the subject of three Supreme Court actions and revealed a lot of infighting between various owners within the body corporate. The searches revealed a situation that if the purchaser was to proceed he would buying into a development that was the subject of hidden costs and was advised not to proceed.

Traps – Additions or Improvements to Property

In another matter the subject property had alterations done to it including a car port, in which preliminary investigations revealed that it had been done without council approval. Therefore to protect the purchasers interests this necessitated a building certificate being obtained from the council to ensure that no demolition order be issued at the purchasers’ expense.