Shartru Wealth Management Dealer Services was originated to provide a la carte options for advising professionals to keep you doing what it is you’re best at – advising. By selecting which services you need help with, Shartru Wealth will provide your business with a licencing and back office solution that operates behind the scenes seamlessly. For more related information please click here

Shartru Wealth Management’s dealer services and AFSL allows the adviser to get back in front of the clients and away from the daily grind of administration and compliance. It makes a great deal of sense.” Dr. John Hewson, Chairman

“Our main priority as licensee is to protect advisors and clients interests as well as the value within the business you have created. Our second priority is to provide advisors with support and processes so they can leverage their efforts and professionalism.” Robert Coyte, CEO

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 1. Licencing

Shartru Wealth Management Pty Ltd (SWM) is licenced by ASIC with Australian Financial Services Licence Number 422 409. If you are not inclined to operate your own licence then SWM can authorise you to operate under its licence. This alleviates the workload and expense of maintaining a licence but at the same time maintains your need for compliance and governance. As part of the package the following services will be provided:

    1. Compliance
    2. Commissions
    3. Research
    4. Listed Securities and Execution
    5. Direct Property
    6. XPLAN
    7. Training – internal and Kaplan
    8. Branding – if required/desired

SWM offers a competitive rate for authorisation and maintains the most rigorous eligibility criteria. Our licencing business is not about scale, rather quality individuals.

Shartru will place a priority on ensuring that products on the APL are managed professionally and “true to label”.

2. Marketing & Business Development

    1. Marketing including website and social media
    2. Lead generation

3. Back Office

SWM provides back office administration services on an as needs basis. Services include:

    1. Paraplanning
    2. Book-keeping
    3. Reporting
    4. Diary Management
    5. Administration including client liaison

Consider your daily, weekly and monthly needs and then choose appropriate serviced required. Our friendly administration personnel will be delighted to attend to your needs as though they worked right in your own office.

4. PI Insurance

As a dealer group SWM is able to seek and receive favourable premiums for PI Insurance meaning that another yearly negotiation is done for you. And because we are negotiating on behalf of more than just yourself it should mean a general savings in expense.

We also run a Fidelity Fund and these funds will be held in trust to assist Authorised Representatives and Licensee to defend actions brought against them in the future.

5. Transition

Transitioning a client base can be time consuming and an inefficient use of your time. Let SWMs team of transition professionals arrange this process for you and get on with attending to your client’s wealth management and generation needs.

To find out more about Shartru Dealer Services please contact:

Di Milford -  Phone : 1300 478 424 Email:[email protected]