Investment Advice

We have a significant experience investing around the globe in all manner of assets and asset classes. We know that you want to 
invest in order to create wealth.

We also know that markets can be volatile as recent history would suggest and we also know that investment risk can arise in a very short period. So we seek to use our considerable practical experience to minimise your downside risk, while seeking to ensure you are in the investment market when markets rise.

Legendary American investor Warren Buffett, when asked how to become wealthy on Wall Street, is reputed to have said        “You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy.”

As part of our investment advice, we seek to manage your investment risk through appropriate diversification and asset allocation.

Are you aware of the range of investment opportunities that could increase your wealth while managing your risk? We can introduce you to a range of these options and recommend those of greatest benefit to your individual situation.

These could include:

  • commercial property trusts
  • higher yielding investments
  • superannuation including private funds with a wide range of investment choice
  • share market investments
  • specialised boutique fund managers
  • opportunities for Sophisticated Investors
  • hedge and private equity investments
  • Structured Products including capital protection solutions.
  • Private Equity including seed capital and Pre IPO opportunities

Private Placements to Eligible Investors

An investor that is capable of making an investment decision without the need to consider a disclosure statement/prospectus may obtain a benefit over conventional retail investors, as they may qualify to participate in “institutional” or “wholesale” placements of securities.

Shartru Wealth through our very experienced board has access to these types of investment opportunities please contact us if you wish to be informed of these opportunities as they arise.

Share Market Upside Without the Downside

We can show you how – for those with their own capital!