Shartru Response – Considerations When Selecting an AFSL

    1. Independence

        Shartru is not affiliated with any bank, institution, insurance company or product provider.

    2. Structure of the License Holder

        Shartru is a boutique/specialist licensee for established advice businesses.

        Services provided by Shartru are wide and varied. The offering would ideally suit those advisers that want to spend most of                                         their time in front of or servicing their clients.

    3. Specifics About the Licensee

        Shartru has a very experienced board headed by its chairman Dr John Hewson.

        Shartru outsources most of the roles within the dealer group to ensure that we are getting “best of” solutions.

    4. Services You wish To Offer

        Shartru can provide AFSL in the following areas;

        Provide financial advice for following classes of products;  
    • Deposit products
    • Derivatives
    • Debentures, stocks or bonds
    • Life products
    • Managed investment schemes
    • Investor Direct portfolio Schemes
    • RSA
    • Securities
    • Margin lending
    • Superannuation

5. Products You Wish to offer

    Shartru has an APL where the philosophy that we can gain access to anything that we need to and that satisfies our due diligence criteria.

    Shartru is not limited to an APL comprised from restricted sources however the APL is kept small to ensure that we have a best of Breed           APL and to ensure appropriate monitoring over time.

    The investment committee is very experienced in a range of areas within economics, banking, funds management, finance and advisory             disciplines.

    All products on the APL are regularly reviewed to ensure they maintain “true to label”

6. License Conditions

    There are no “abnormal” conditions on our license

7. Remuneration

    Shartru accepts the following as acceptable methods of charging clients fee for service (flat fee, time based or asset under management),        insurance commission and other acceptable methods.

    Shartru has a process that allows for the payment of referral fees.

8. Training

    Shartru uses Kaplan and is included as standard package for its Authorised Representatives. It is a requirement of the Authorised                    Representative to maintain a training register and complete the training as agreed between the licensee and AR.

    Shartru will also have in-house training on an adhoc basis.

9.    Services and Support Provided:

    • Software – Xplan is included as part of standard package but AR’s are free to use other software.
    • Research – Shartru has a very experienced Investment Committee and accesses research from a number of external resources
    • Paraplanning – Paraplanning resources are available
    • Technical Support – Included from both in-house and outsourced sources
    • Compliance Audits – All AR’s will be undertaking an annual audit as well as spot checks of files.
    • Practice Development and Management – Shartru philosophy is that we leave the underlying running of the business to the AR’s themselves. We do have extensive experience which can be called upon should it be required.
    • Templates – All documentation can be “individualised” for the AR but any variance from the standard will be subject to Compliance approval.
    • Stationary – Flexibility is provided here as long as it falls within the legal requirements

10.   Fees and Charges

        Shartru charges a flat fee for the AFSL services it provides. Other additional services are charged acording to use.

11.   PI Insurance

            Shartru has appropriate PI cover.